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Yellow Caps:
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Yellow Caps
Jack in the Cap!
Maybe you also had appeared in such situation, when you see a lot of people on the street wearing the same strange dresses, and you become the only one on the street, dressed not as all other... Seems you are alone, and they all are against you...
Really, the uncomfortable situation. And you don't know what to do...
Just it was in the park: Some girl was resting in the park, and suddenly the crowd of people appeared marching by this park alley, all wearing the same yellow caps. (Have you heard about RatCaps...)
After first shock, her defensive reaction triggered:
She started stripping on this park alley, showing that she does not pay attention to this strange crowd. (Good tactic! At least, nobody will say that her behavior is more stupid in the stupid crowd...)
...And what are you doing there?
You have founded another fun for yourself - Taking off yellow caps from all those stupids and checking the size marks on the inner side of those caps.
And if you will find several caps with their marks sum of 21 (yes, Black Jack), the girl will be happy to undress the next part of her clothes.
So, THE GAME: Click on any yellow cap that you see, to open its inner side and see the size mark there (usually numbers from 1 to 9).
When the number in the inner side of the cap is OK for your collection, click again on the inner side of the cap, to take this cap to "your hand".
When you collect the sum of 21 (Black Jack) on caps numbers, the sexy girl Dee Vine strips to the next level.
But, (strict Black Jack rules) if your sum exceeds 21 - Oops, Bust! And level down...
To win the game get to the highest 8th level.
Controls: Click on the yellow cap to see its number inside, click on the inner side of cap, to take this cap to your hand.
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