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Dream of a Window Cleaner:
Every window cleaner dreams about the lucky day, when he will see a beautiful girl in the next window, undressing just in front of him... and she will invite him to enter through the window...

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Dream of a Window Cleaner
As any window cleaner, get luck to look inside rooms with pretty girls... undressing

Some lucky window cleaner was lowering down from the roof of some high building, and suddenly noticed four rooms with beautiful girls, washing windows from the inside.
The professional unity had excited him, and he decided to return and watch at them... Maybe some girl will undress... suddenly?
And he was rewarded! Really, girls start stripping one by one...
...or it was in his dreams...
...those well known Dreams of Window Cleaner!
The Game:
The Dreams of Window Cleaner are "radiating" from his head, as a swarm of bubbles with different imaginations. Of course some dreams are about beautiful girls, and some... - you may see.
You may "catch" some dream-bubble - click on it.
If you have caught the dream about some girl from the window, you have a chance to make it real! Just test your luck:
The next swarm of bubbles will have numbers from 1 to 10. You may catch these numbers. If you will receive the sum of 21 (Black Jack), the dream will materialize, and the chosen girl in the window will undress.
But more: catch the same girl in his next dreams, collect 21, and the girl will undress more!
And finally, she may satisfy you (or him...) in real (or in his dreams)... - get to the 4th level!
Try to undress all 4 girls and receive real sex from them all (while the Window Cleaner is still on the current storey...)
(In his dreams there were Stacy Cruz, Angelika-Grays, Nancy A, Veronica Leal)

- Catch the dream-bubble with some of girls in the windows - click on flying bubble-dream.
- If the caught dream-bubble is about some girl, the next portion of of bubbles will have numbers from 1 to 10.
- Test your luck: if you will collect several numbers with the sum of 21 (Black Jack), the dream will come true. And the chosen girl will strip to the next level.
- To win the game, you have to undress all 4 girls to the highest 4th level.

Controls: Click on chosen bubble-dream.

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