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Say thanks to Steve...
Welcome to Rome:
All tourists in Rome want
to get to the di Trevi Fountain,
to throw there some coins
(to return here again)...
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Welcome to Rome
Sexual Hospitality

Every tourist, who comes to Rome, wants to get to the famous di Trevi Fountain.
And every tourist, who gets to the di Trevi Fountain wants to throw there a coin to come back again.
There are always a lot of people, shooting pictures, making videos, and even making love - such a famous place...
Some Italian girls know how to make money on those stupid tourists. They propose a strip show just in front of the fountain.
Just 100 Euro, and every girl will strip for you with pleasure. Next €100 - the next strip level, etc...
But also, there are smart guys, who know, how to strip the girl, and not to pay his own money!
They know how to catch coins, that stupid tourists are throwing to the fountain.
You may try: Just catch the EUR coins, and collect €100, to pay to the girl for her strip.
Just today, there is sexy girl Rebecca Volpetti. She knows what you want!
But, as you know, all Italian girls hate minor coins, and no change given! So, if you'll collect the amount exceeding €100, don't be surprised, that you will lose you €100, and receive nothing... (Such strict rules of street strip show!)
So, try to collect the exact amount of €100.
To win the game, get to the highest 8th level.

- Catch coins - click on it with your mouse or finger.
- When you have €100 in your bank, you go to the next level, and the girl strips more.
- If the amount in your bank exceeds €100 - oops, you lose €100, and... stay at current level.

Controls: Click on flying coins.

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