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Tulips Girl:
flowers make her strip

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Tulips Girl

The sexy girl was walking by the street seeing beautiful tulips flowers around her.
Nice weather and nice flowers impressed her, and pushed her to strip her clothes.
No, she would not undress herself, just looking at flowers around. But if somebody will present flowers to her, she may strip with pleasure.
THE GAME: You may see tulips left and right on the screen. They appear and disappear randomly.
If you want to strip the girl, you must "take" available flowers and present them to the girl.
To take flowers - click on the "STOP" button, to fix the current flowers, and make a present.
But, as you know, it is the bad idea to give to the girl the even number of flowers. The girl may get offended and dress back her clothes.
So, you must catch the moment, when there will be the odd number of flowers on the screen, and click the STOP button.
The girl may be grateful even for a few flowers, but if you want her to undress for you, better to give her big enough bouquet of tulips - at least 5 flowers!
If you suddenly will take the even number of tulips, you still may save the situation - delete some flower - click on the flower, while it is moving to the bouquet in the center of the screen.
So, to strip the girl take and give her the odd number of tulips, at least 5 flowers. And the sexy Athena Fleurs will strip to the next level.
But, if you give her the even number of tulips, she will dress back.
To win the game strip her to the highest 8th level.
Controls: Click on "STOP" button to take all visible flowers. If necessary, click on moving flower to delete it.
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