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Tokens-ASSepting girls
in the city Subway:
1 token = $3
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Tokens-ASSepting Subway
Make Black Jack on $3-tokens

Tokens are not in use in NY Subway for many years. But they still may be used to pay for stripper girls in the subway!
You may meet at some non-crowded stations some girls, ready to strip for you for some cash. But they accept even subway tokens. The token price is $3.
And they agree to strip for you for the Black Jack price $21. So, you have to give 7 tokens.
The girl even uses a special ass-based token-accepting device. So, you have to throw your token into the slot of her device. Such an underground service...

Tokens are falling from the top. You may catch and throw these tokens to the slot of the token-accepting device.
Swipe over the token, and push it in the direction to the slot. If the token gets in to the slot, your bank increases for $3.
So, you have to put several token, to collect the Black Jack sum $21.
When you receive $21, the girl strips for you to the next level.
But if you have collected the sum exceeding $21, you Bust, and go level down.
Note: When the sum in the Bank reaches $21, new tokens stop generating, and existing tokens fall down. When the last token disappears, the game estimates your result - if OK ($21), you go to the next level.
This time you have met the pretty Veronica at this cosy subway station.
Try to strip her down to the maximum 9th level.

- Swipe over the falling token in the direction to the slot of the token-accepting device.
- When the token gets to the slot, your Bank increases for $3 (token price).
- When you receive Black Jack sum $21 in your Bank, you pay to the girl, and she strips for you to the next level.
- To win the game, get to the highest 9th level.

Controls: Swipe over the token in the direction to the slot (with your mouse or finger).

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