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Tits Under Flush:
in Threesome with two opponents

The sequel to the "Tits under Cards" series games
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Tits Under Flush-3Some
the mix of tiles shifting game and poker
(this time in threesome with two opponents)

The version in threesome, of Poker game, based on tiles-shifting idea.
52 card-tiles are placed in the center of the screen in 6 columns. Every tile has it's card suit and value, as the poker cards deck (e.g. Queen of Hearts, etc...).
The game principle is to move (shift) the card-tile to the next cell, to cover the neighbor card, and receive this covered card to (your) hand.
The main CARDS RULE: The higher card covers the lower card of the same suit. Cards values are:
2 (the lowest), 3, 4,... Q, K, A (the highest).
You may "cover" card-tiles according to this rule: if two cards of the same suit occur one-next-to-another (left-right-up-down), you may move the higher card to the position of the lower card, and cover it.
When some card covers the lower card, the covered card goes to (your) hand, and the higher card remains on the board.
This way, you may collect 5 cards at your hand, to make some good Poker Combination.
You play with two opponents: The first turn is yours - cover some card, to take this card to your hand.
After it, the turn of the Opponent 1 (left), Opponent 1 covers some card, and this card goes to the Opponent's 1 hand.
Then the turn of the Opponent 2 (right). She covers some card and receives her card.
(Opponent's 1 cards - at left top of the screen; Opponent's 2 - at right top; your hand - at the bottom).
This way, turn by turn, you and both opponents play till all have 5 cards at their hands. The set finishes, and the player, who have the lowest Poker Combination loses the set and undresses to the next level.
If you are the loser, the opponent, who have the higher combination dresses back (level down).
So, try to win from both opponents girls Paola Hard and Kitana Lure, and strip them both to the highest 7th level.
Note: when some opponent has been undressed to the highest level ("Done"), she still plays in the next set, but her result is not taken into account - you must win only from the remaining opponent (still not "Done").

Controls:: Push (drag with your mouse or finger) the tile to the next tile with the same suit, the higher card-tile covers the lower
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