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Tentacles Hunt:
for Flying Ass

For best performance, we recommend to play this game in Google Chrome browser
Tentacles Hunt
... for Flying Ass of the abyss...

Sweet flying Ass lives deep underwater and enjoys its life in the abyss.
But, for the awful Tentacles the flying Ass is a coveted prey! They know for sure, the pleasures of the caught flying Ass.
So, the Tentacles are hunting for the flying Ass, and you...
And you may assist Tentacles - lead it to catch the Ass.
Tentacles are following your mouse (or finger). Move the mouse by the screen to indicate the direction to the flying Ass.
When the Tentacles catch the ass - you may see what happen on the demonstration video tutorial.
Then you may play next round, to get to the higher level.
Note!: When the Tentacles protrude for the whole length, they are tucking for the next jump.
There may be more than one asses on higher levels. Catch all of them to win the set.
To win the game you must beat 8 levels.

Controls: Lead the Tentacles with your mouse or finger: move the mouse by the screen - the Tentacles are following the mouse
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