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Poker Duel-2

Subway Jack:
Strip Black Jack
in the Subway

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Subway Jack

city subway is the unique place to meet beautiful girls and strip them

You were coming home in the practically empty night subway train, but suddenly some girl began pole dancing just in front of you.
Your plans has changed... The girl is open to some striptease on the train pole, but... it seems, that it is not for free.
And just in time the simple Black Jack game is proposed for the train passengers in the cabin.
If you make Black Jack (21) the girl strips and dance naked.
... You may be surprised, but this idea became very popular among other girls. As you have stripped the first beauty, the next girl is ready to play this game with you.
The Game: The game is based on Black Jack idea - collect cards with their sum = 21.
Cards values are: 2=2, 3=3,... 9=9, 10=10, J=10, Q=10, K=10, A=1 (Ace value is always = 1!)
Cards are given to two hands at left and at right of the screen. Both hands have 7 cards.
Cards faces are hidden, but you may see cards faces during short term, while cards are turning face up one-by-one.
After it you may choose which hand (left or right) you will play - click on cards at left or right hand.
Then you must choose several cards at your hand, that will arrange the Black Jack Sum = 21. Click on cards in your hand.
When you receive the sum of 21 (Black Jack), you win the game set and the girl strips naked.
If the sum exceeds 21 (Bust) ... Ooooops.... But you may try further.
When you strip one girl, there is a very high probability, that the next girl will propose you to play next.
You may meet Lana Lane, Anna Delos, Kitty, Sylvia Buntarka, Anny Aurora, Christy White, Lily, Mira, Niemira, Tina in this subway train.
To win the game strip down 10 girls (pass through 10 levels).
Controls: Click on cards
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