HTML5 game, playable on mobile
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Stuck in Traffic:
traffic jam is always a puzzle...
but it may be sexy

For best performance, we recommend to play this game in Google Chrome browser
Stuck in Traffic
the best way to spend time in traffic jam - is to watch stripping girls on a road side

The traffic jam is terrible time killer, but sometimes it allows to have some joy.
This time while all angry drivers stuck in traffic, but you may enjoy the show of some sexy girl striping on a road side...
But, the game is logical!
Solve the puzzle, how to move your car through the traffic jam.
THE GAME: The traffic situation is given as a scheme in the right bottom corner.
Cars are given as "square" symbols, with arrow, indicating the "forward" direction of each car.
Cars "squares" are stuck in 5x5 cells on a symbolic crossroad jam. All cars may move only in their forward direction (arrow), no turning.
Your car (character) is the YELLOW square with arrow to the right. You "want" to cross this crossroad from left to right in the middle row of the square.
The idea of the puzzle - is to solve the traffic situation.
Move cars in their directions, if the situation allows them to move forward: if some car is not blocked, it may move forward. Find non-blocked cars, and move them (click on car square) for one step forward.
This way, you may unblock your YELLOW car, and move it from the left to right, to leave the crossroad jam.
When your Yellow car gets out of the crossroad, you win the set and may go to the next level, with the next level of strip show of the beautiful Jenny Wild.
To win the game, get to the highest 8th level.
Note: in case if you get to "deadlock situation" [all ways are blocked], you may use the "RESET" button.

Controls: Click on cars (squares) to move them

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