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Strip Tram
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Strip Tram

Maybe you have noticed such situations, when a beautiful girl sees some vertical pipe on a street, and begin performing a pole dance around this casual metal pipe. Such situations often happen in the city transport: subway, tram, etc..., because there are lot of vertical pipes handrails.
Just this situation have happened to you, when you have entered a tram cabin. To your big surprise, the girl, that was alone in the tram, was dancing around the pole-handrail, and began stripping...
But, it happens very often, so most of modern trams are equipped with special ticket machine. So you may buy a ticket and enjoy the strip show. If you have not enough money, not a problem. All city trams are also equipped with Poker-Machines, so you may easily win some cash, just in the cabin of a tram. And dont be surprised, that when you'll pay for the next ticket, a new girl will come to the tram and also start stripping around the pole-handrail...
In the tram cabin you may see the "POKER MACHINE" at left, and the "TICKET MACHINE" at right (and the girl, of course). Click on "POKER MACHINE" to pull it out. Click on its "DEAL" button, to start the Poker game. The standard bet $10 is used in this machine, when you click on DEAL button, you bet $10. You may discard up to 5 cards. If you have some Poker Combination, you receive money from the machine according to the Combination Ratio.
When you have enough money to strip the girl, go to the "TICKET MACHINE". Each scene of strip show costs $100 (so expensive,... maybe because of transportation taxes...). If you have $100, the "PAY $100" button will be visible on the Ticket Machine. Click on this PAY button, to watch the next scene of strip show. If the girl has finished her show, you'll see the next girl.

Wish you a pleasant viewing,... on your way!

Controls: Click on buttons

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