HTML5 game, playable on mobile
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Say thanks to Steve...
Strip Soccer-2: (harder version)
if to add the 2nd ball to the soccer,
it will give 2 times more possibility
for players to hit the ball
The sequel to the "Strip Soccer" series
For best performance, we recommend to play this game in Google Chrome browser
Strip Soccer-2
Stripping girls behind the goals nets - to aim players to the goal!

As you know from the previous football news, beautiful girls were placed on the top of goals nets, to make those lazy players at least to look in goals directions...
Yes, the great progress...
But, the life has shown, that they are looking not to the goals, but at girls. And, as a result, all balls go over the nets...
So, the new decision was made - to place girls just behind the nets. It will force those players to look just in the net, and, hopefully, to aim there.
And, to make the soccer game more dynamic for sure - to give them 2 balls: to make results 2 times higher!
So: Two balls are in the football game. The pins on the field are "symbolizing" those lazy (opponents) players. At least, they may hit the ball.
And the beautiful girl Tricia Teen is limbering behind the goal net. She is waiting to strip for you, ... but only if you win the set!
The set time is 1 minute. Try to put more balls to the opponent's net, than they will put in yours.
Your net is at the right side, opponent's net is at the left.
To win the game, get to the highest 10th level.

- To hit the ball - swipe over the ball in the necessary direction.
- Try to "lead" the ball to the opponent's net (at left side).
- Try to win the set (1 minute), to go to the next level (with sexy strip show!).

Controls: Swipe over the ball in needed direction (with your mouse or finger).

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