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Strip Soccer:
to make the soccer
more attractive for fans
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Strip Soccer
Pretty girls may make the soccer sports more exciting

Maybe you have noticed, that the soccer as a sports have become less attractive recent times. They are walking hour and a half on the field, but not making goals. Real fans are saying, that "it is necessary to stick a firecracker in the ass", to make them more active...
But, more kindly sportsmasters decided to add more erotic elements to the soccer spectacle. They have invented the Strip Show on the soccer arena.
Girls are dancing and stripping on the top of the goal nets. It forces the soccer players to come closer to the goals, just to look at the girl,... and maybe hit the ball.
So, lets play - the Strip Soccer!
You have a soccer field with the ball. The soccer players are presented as the Pins characters (as they are lazy to move, just may bounce back the ball).
You may push the ball - swipe over the ball in the direction, to hit the goal.
And you may see the beautiful girl Eva Sugar dancing over the goal net. She will strip every time, when you win the set.
The set time is 1 minute. Try to put more balls to the opponent net, than they will put in yours. Your net is at the right side, opponent's net is at the left.
To win the game, get to the highest 8th level.

- To hit the ball - swipe over the ball in the necessary direction.
- Try to "lead" the ball to the opponent's net (at left side).
- Try to win the set (1 minute), to go to the next level (with sexy strip show!).

Controls: Swipe over the ball in needed direction (with your mouse or finger).

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