HTML5 game, playable on mobile
For iPhone users - to get the FULL SCREEN mode:
Turn your device from "Portrait" mode to "Landscape" mode.
The game will switch to the Full Screen mode.
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Strip Racing
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Strip Racing

As you know, cars racing always attracts people with powerful cars and beautiful girls. No racing without sexy girls performing exciting shows...
Your "Strip Racing" has very simple rules. You drive your (yellow)car, and you must run over 10 (or more) targets, blinking on the road. To get to the next level, you must run over needed number of targets in 1 minute.
But, the task becomes more hard with each next level. On the 1st level you have 10 targets and 1 minute. On 2nd, 3rd and 4th levels you have 15 targets and 1 minute. And on the last 5th level you must run over 30 targets in 2 minutes.
And with each next level sexy girls Olivia and Vanessa will increase the hardness of their shows!
When you win the game (get to the 6th level), you may choose next girl, and play with her.

- Control your car with Arrow-Keys (turn left; turn right; up-forward = full throttle; down = brakes). Or (for mobile) you may press similar arrows around the steering wheel;
- Run over 10 targets (or more, see "Needed" on the top of the screen) on the road in the set-time (1 minute), to win the set and get to the next level. Your car must "touch" the target. (On the last 5th level the set-time is 2 minutes, and "Needed" = 30 targets!).
- If your car has overrun out of borders, it stops (usually crashes), and you must turn it on again, and raise the speed.
- To win the game, you must get to the 6th level.

Controls: Control your car with arrow-keys (or, for mobile: press arrows around the steering wheel: "turn left"; "turn right"; "forward"; "backward (brakes)")

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