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Strip Contest-3:
you are a judge at strip contest
of Bunny of the Year

The sequel to the "Strip Contest" series games
For best performance, we recommend to play this game in Google Chrome browser
Strip Contest-3
Bunny of the Year 2021

As you remember, you are the Judge at the Strip Contest.
This time, it is a competition to choose the Bunny of the Year. So, girls are dressed as New Year Bunnies.
Your aim is to help your favorite girl to win the strip contest.
8 girls take part in this contest and all of them want to become a winner. Also, 8 judges are in jury team.
Usually judges give marks to performers, and the winner is defined according to the highest average mark.
But this time the scoring system was simplified, and now judges just throwing bunnies to the stage.
If the judge likes the girl's show, he gives a "bunny" to this girl. If he des not like this girl, he does not give a "bunny" to her.
So the girl receives several bunnies from judges for her performance. As maximum, the girl may receive 8 bunnies (from all 8 judges). And the minimal is 0 bunnies.
So, the girl who have received more bunnies goes to winners.
The contest system is the same: on the 1st stage jury chooses 5 winners from 8 girls. On the 2nd stage 3 winners are defined from the these 5 girls. And on the 3rd stage the one absolutely winner is defined from those 3 girls.
At first you must choose your favor girl, whom you will support. (Of course, every judge has his favorite applicant, and always gives her the highest marks...). You may look through all girls of contest (click NEXT GIRL button), and choose your girl (click CHOOSE button).
Then the contest starts - you must evaluate every girl and give (or not) your bunny to each of them. If you like the girl performance, you throw the "bunny" to her stage (click on "BUNNY" button). If you don't like her show, you don't throw the bunny (click on "SKIP" button).
All other judges also give (or not) their bunnies to all girls. The girl's score is the quantity of bunnies, she has received.
Of course, you want to help your favorite girl to receive more bunnies than other girls.
- Yes! There is the way, to make it:
When all judges have given their bunnies to the girl, these crazy bunnies begin jumping for joy on the stage.
At this moment you may push some bunnies out of the stage (to decrease competitor's score), or push bunnies back to stage, not to allow them to get out from the stage (to save the score for your girl). Click on the screen near the bunny to push it to the opposite side.
So, choose your girl, and lead her to the victory!
Of course, at each next level girls shows become more erotic! And the winner will perform a special top show!

Controls:: Click on screen to push bunnies (Click at left side from the bunny, the "explosion wave" will push it to the right, etc...)
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