HTML5 game, playable on mobile
For iPhone users - to get the FULL SCREEN mode:
Turn your device from "Portrait" mode to "Landscape" mode.
The game will switch to the Full Screen mode.
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Strip Contest-2:
Feel yourself as a judge
at strip contest,
that has no money to support,
but has a gun...
Strip Contest-2

As you remember, you are the Judge at the Strip Contest.
But, this time, you have not enough money to bribe judges. But you have a gun! It also may solve such problems.
Your aim is to help your favourite girl to win the strip contest.
8 girls take part in this contest and all of them are sure to become a winner.
At first you must choose your favor girl, whom you will support. (Of course, every judge has his favorite applicant, and always gives her the highest marks...). You may look through all girls of contest (click NEXT GIRL button), and choose your girl (click CHOOSE button).
Then the contest starts - you must evaluate every girl and give your mark to each of them (choose your mark from 1 to 5, click on the mark). All other judges also give their marks to all girls. After it, the girl receives her rank - the average mark of all judges.
In THIS game judges show their marks on balloons. When all judges has given their marks, they release balloons, and balloons raise to the ceiling. After it they chaotically fall to the ground.
You may shoot down balloons with "bad" marks, when they are falling. Aim with your gun, and shoot (mouse click) to "kill" bad marks. The average mark of the girl then is calculated on the remaining balloons.
This way, you may support your girl, and "increase" her marks, and "decrease" marks of competitors.
When all 8 girls have received their ranks, the panel of judges defines 5 best girls from initial 8 contestants. These 5 girls go to the next 2nd level of the contest.
At the 2nd level judges choose 3 best girls from 5 contestants, the same way. These 3 girls go to the 3rd level.
At last on the 3rd level, judges define the 1 winner of the contest.
Of course, at each next level girls shows are more and more erotic! And the winner will surprise you with the most mind-blowing show!
So, use your gun, to support your girl to win the strip contest!

Controls: Aim with mouse; click (release) to shoot.

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