HTML5 game, playable on mobile
For iPhone users - to get the FULL SCREEN mode:
Turn your device from "Portrait" mode to "Landscape" mode.
The game will switch to the Full Screen mode.
Say thanks to Steve...
We all are accustomed to various street musicians, shows, etc...
So, you will not be surprised to see some girl performing erotic dance on the street.
For best performance, we recommend to play this game in Google Chrome browser
Street Show

If you are not surprized to see the girl strip show on the street, you must not be surprised, that it is related with street gambling games.
You know such street gamers as thimblerigger, etc... Where you must guess in what glass is the ball.
Here is an advanced game, based on cards and balls in the glass.
4 balls, marked with cards suits (Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, Clubs) are bouncing on the street. You have a glass, that also have some suit. You must catch in the glass the ball with the same suit, as your glass.
When you have caught the needed ball, the glass suit changes, and you must catch another suit-ball.
To win the set, you must collect all 4 suits-balls.
But (not so easy), if you catch the "incorrect" suit-ball (suit differs from the glass suit), all your caught balls will "fire down" (dissapear), and you must catch them again.
And the beautiful girl will strip for you, when you'll get to the next level.

- Drag the glass left-right, to catch balls.
- Catch the ball with the same suit as your glass.
- To win the set you must collect all 4 suit-balls (♦ ♥ ♠ ♣).
- To win the game, you must get to the 9th level.

Controls: Drag the glass left-right with your mouse or finger

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