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Street Poker Dance:
girl may strip on the street
if you win an easy poker game

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Street Poker Dance

Street performance turns erotic show

Beautiful girl is dancing on the crowdy street, but she may show you even more, if you'll win an easy poker game...
Maybe you have seen her, because Lya Missy is very often here with her dance and cards.
She proposes the poker based game with very easy rules:
The game idea is to collect the higher Poker Combination, than your opponent's.
Both players (you and she) receives 6 cards. 5 cards are visible, and one card is face down.
Your cards are at the right side, opponent's cards are at left.
At some moment the "closed" card turns face up, but some another card is replaced by new card from the deck, turned face down.
So, you may see 5 cards a your hand, and 5 cards at opponent's hand.
When you are sure, that your Poker Combination of 5 visible cards is higher than opponent's, you may click on the "STAND" button, and the game set finishes.
If your combination really is higher, you win the set and go level up - it means, that the pretty dancer strips to the next level.
But, if it appears, that opponent's combination is higher than yours, you lose - level down.
To win the game strip her to the highest 8th level.

Controls: Click on "STAND" button
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