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Steal it Higher:
poker game,
stealing opponents discards

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Steal it Higher
the best way to play poker when you may see new cards...

The game is based on the Poker idea - collect higher Poker Combination than your opponents.
You play poker game in threesome with two sexy opponents: at left Ariela Donovan, and at right Julia Graff.
All players receive 5 cards from the deck, and then players may discard some their cards.
Your cards hand is at the bottom, Opponent's 1 cards are at the left of the screen, Opponent's 2 cards are at right side.
But in this game, you have some advantage: You may see cards that your opponents are discarding.
While such cards are moving to the trash (to the center and to the top), you may take some of these cards, if they may make your combination higher - to discard your own cards.
Yes, you may discard your cards only this way! - stealing opponents discards.
Catch some of opponents discarded cards and drag it to your hand (at the bottom), and replace your card, that you want to discard (place the "stolen" card over your card).
You may take as many cards, as you may catch and steal.
You may "throw away" the card, that you have stolen - release the mouse somewhere over the screen (not over your cards!).
Note: The situation is possible, when some opponent (or even both) have received good enough cards, and he(she) does not want to discard any card.
The set finishes when all discarded cards get out of the screen, and the winner and loser are defined.
The loser, who has the lowest combination strips to the next level.
If you have the lowest combination (you are the loser), the winner (one of your opponents, who has the highest combination) dresses back to the previous level.
To win the game, undress both your opponents to the highest 7th level.
Controls: Catch needed moving cards and drag them to your hand - replace your cards
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