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"Squirrel Wheel"
strip club

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"Squirrel Wheel"
strip club

Girls are dancing in rotating wheels (as a squirrel in the wheel) in this strip club.
The visitor may pay some money to the girl to strip her.
The natural question is, where to take money?
Life shows, that money usually falling from the sky..., or, at least, from the ceil in this strip club.
So, the visitor may catch a falling coin and pay it to the girl.
Of course, one coin ($1) is not enough... The "standard" price is $5 for strip for one level up.
There are two girls in this show: at left Melody Marks and at right Athena Fleurs.
Each performer girl has the coin accepting terminal near her wheel.
So, you may push the falling coin to the coin terminal of each girl - swipe over the coin and direct it to the terminal slot.
When some girl receives the amount of $5 she strips to the next level.
But, note! If another girl has not received any coin ($0), she will get offended and will dress back!...
To win the game strip both girls to the highest 10th level.
Controls: Swipe over coins to push them in needed direction
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