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Soapy Flush:
poker game
in soap bubbles

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Soapy Flush
Even soap bubbles may be played as poker cards

Soap bubbles have suits and values as poker cards.
They are flying chaotically on the screen, and the only effective tool to stop them and take some good Poker Combination, is the bomb!
Yes, the real anti-soap bomb. Explode it to "deactivate" bubbles, and take their cards to your hand.
When the bomb explodes, the nearest 5 bubble-cards move to your hand.
So, your idea is to explode the bomb in the place, close to the 5 "best" bubble-cards, to take the best combination on these cards.
HOW TO PLAY: Move the bomb by the screen (drag it with your mouse or finger).
Find the place close to several bubble-cards, that may assemble some good Poker Combination - place the bomb there.
Explode the bomb in such place (Click to explode the bomb in chosen place). 5 nearest buble-cards will "lose their soap covers" and these 5 cards will fall to your hand.
You receive money to your bank in accordance with the combination ratio.
When your bank amount reaches $100, you pay $100 to the soapy stripper and go to the next level.
But, if you have caught cards without any combination ("Nothing") you lose $10 from your bank account. If your account falls lower than $0, ... level down!
To win the game, get to the top 8th level.
Soapy stripper Valeria Mint will provide you with good soapy lubrication till the highest level!
Controls: Drag the bomb by the screen with your mouse or finger. Click to explode the bomb.
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