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Steal Jack 3Some - adult cards game

...sometimes playing Black Jack, you feel that you need a gun...

The sequel to the "Jack 3Some" series games
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Shoot Jack 3Some
Shoot down the card that prevents you to receive the Black Jack.

The game is based on Black Jack idea - you must collect the cards values Sum of 21 (Black Jack). Who has the BJ Sum closer to 21, but not exceeding 21, wins the set.
You play in threesome against two sexy girls Tina Kay and Jenny Wild
All players receive cards from the deck. While cards are "falling" from the deck to your hand, you may shoot down your and opponent's cards. If you see that your new coming card will make you "BUST" (your BJ SUM will exceed 21), you may "kill" this card. Also, if new coming opponent's card will make "Black Jack" (21) in opponent's hand, you may prevent it - kill new opponent's card.
But also, you may "STAND" (click on "STAND" button"), if you see that new coming card will make your BJ Sum exceeding 21.
When all players "stand", or receive Black Jack, the machine defines who is the winner, and who is the loser.
If some of your opponents has the lowest Sum (lose), she strips to the next level.
If you have the lowest Sum (you lose), the opponent, who have the highest sum (not exceeding 21) dresses back.
Undress both girls to the highest 7th strip level.
- If you want to "kill" your new coming card - shoot it down with your gun (aim with mouse - drag the mouse on the screen; release to shoot).
- If you dont want to allow some opponent to receive Black Jack (21), you may "kill" opponent's card, shoot it down with your gun.
- If next card will make your Sum exceeding 21 (BUST), you may "Stand" - click the "STAND" button.
- The player, who has the lowest Sum (loser) - undresses. If you lose the set, the opponent who has the highest sum (winner) dresses back.
- To win the game, undress both your opponents to the highest 7th level.

Controls: Aim with mouse - drag the mouse on the screen; Release to shoot

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