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Sexy JackChess

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Sexy JackChess
Sexy mix of Black Jack and Chess...
Mini-Chess board 4x4 has 16 cells. 13 Cards-Chips are placed randomly on the board. Cards-Chips have values of Black Jack cards: 2=2; 3=3; ... 9=9; 10=10; J=10; Q=10; K=10; A=1; (Note: Ace(A) value is always 1).
Also there on the board is Your Chip (named "YOU") and the Opponent Chip (Named "OPP").
You may move Your Chip to cover some Cards-Chip. When you cover some cards-chip, its value goes to your score.
According to Black Jack rules, if you receive 21 points (Black Jack) at your score, you win the set. Also, if you have the score exceeding 21, you "BUST" and lose the set.
Your Opponent also may move his "OPP" chip, and his covered Card-Chips, increases the Opponent's score. If your Opponent receives 21 points, you lose the set and go level down.
Both players may "Stand", if there is no possibility to cover a Card-Chip, to receive 21 points. You may click on the "STAND" button. If both players have "Stand", the winner is determined by the standard rule: who have higher score without exceeding 21, wins the set.
HOW TO MOVE: Your Chip ("YOU") may move for the one step in all possible directions on the board (left-right; up-down; and all diagonals. As Chess King piece).
To move Your Chip - click on the cell on the board where you want to move. For 1 step - it means to the nearest neighbour cell!
After your move - the opponents turn.
The player, who first receives 21 points (Black Jack) wins the set.
To win the game get to the highest 10th level.
(Maybe I have forgotten to say): There is a beautiful girl Lesya, who wants to support you in this dangerous logical game. So, if you win some set, she will strip for you to the next level!
- To move Your Chip("YOU"): Indicate the destination cell, where you want to place Your Chip - click on the cell on the board.
- If correct (1 step in any direction), the captured Card-Chip will go out of the board, its value will sum at your Score.
- If the destination was pointed incorrect (more than 1 step), the game will demand to indicate another destination.
- You may move to the empty cell - nothing catastrophic.
- After your turn - the turn of the opponent.

Controls: Click on cells.

Mobile game (HTML5), also playable on desktop
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