HTML5 game, playable on mobile
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Turn your device from "Portrait" mode to "Landscape" mode.
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Save your
Sexy Flush
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Save your Sexy Flush
...another Poker variation

The game is based on Poker rules - you must collect better Poker Combination, than your opponent.
(You may find the description of Poker Combinations here.)
Both players receive cards from the deck one-by-one. When the player have 5 cards at his hand, new cards replace previous cards in his hand.
Your hand (cards) are at the bottom, opponent's cards are at the top of the screen.
If the player sees that some of his cards may make some good Poker Combination, player may "save" these cards - click on these cards. When such card is "saved". it receives the yellow border, and this card will not be replaced with new cards.
Try to collect this way some good Poker Combination - "save" five cards in your hand.
When some player (you, or the opponent) has saved 5 cards - so, he has "stopped" on his current combination.
After it, another player still has the right to receive 3 more new cards. And then he stops automatically on his current combination.
When both players has stopped, the machine compares Poker Combination of both players. The player, who has better combination wins the set.
Be sure, if you win the set, you go to the next level. And supporting team of sexy girls will perform the hotter action on the next level!
But, the situation may happen, when you lose the set. For sure, you'll go level down... So, try to win!
- You and the opponent receive cards from the deck one-by-one.
- When you see that some cards may allow you to receive some good combination - save this cards (click on chosen cards).
- When some player has "saved" all 5 cards, he "stops" on his current combination. His opponent may receive 3 more new cards, then he also "stops" automatically.
- When both players has stopped, the machine compares their combinations and defines the winner.
- The player who has higher Poker Combination wins the set.
- To win the game, you must get to the highest 10th level.

Controls: Click on chosen cards

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