HTML5 game, playable on mobile
For iPhone users - to get the FULL SCREEN mode:
Turn your device from "Portrait" mode to "Landscape" mode.
The game will switch to the Full Screen mode.
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Santa's Gifts:
more fun
for Christmas

For best performance, we recommend to play this game in Google Chrome browser
Santa's Gifts
Xmas is full of surprises
Santa has already presented all gifts to all houses in this block. But it has appeared, that he must open all his gift boxes himself (maybe a kind of his magic).
So, Santa must go to every house and open boxes.
Your Santa-Head character is hurrying to make magic to all villagers before the Christmas.
How to Play: Move by the streets with arrow-keys (or swipe over the surface, to move your character left-right; up-down by streets).
To enter some house, come close to the border, face to the house (move up). Then click on the house to enter it.
Inside the house: Olpen all gifts boxes (click on them), to free all Santa's gifts.
Some boxes may contain beautiful Santa-Girls!
When all boxes are opened Santa-Girl may ask you to help her to relax after her "Box-Cage". Usually girl may ask for some drink - Champagne, Whiskey, etc...
You must find the demanded drink among all gifts in the room. Click on chosen gift to give it to the girl.
If the girl will be satisfied with your drink, she may reward you with her fantastic Santa-Show.
But, for sure, the girl will need some toy for her show. She asks you for the sex toy, and you even can see the view of the toy in her imagination!
So, you must find the demanded sex toy. But, seems Santa has mixed up boxes, and some toys may appear in another house.
To find the toy, go out from the House (EXIT button). Go to next houses in the block (there are 6 houses in this block). Enter some neighbor house, and try to find there the needed sex toy (sure, you have to unpack all boxes there... etc...)
How to take the item: You may carry the item (toy) form one house to another in the "Shopping Cart". When you see the demanded toy - open the Shopping Cart (click on cart button [bottom left]). When the Shopping Cart is visible, click on the chosen toy. The toy will move to your Shopping Cart. Go back to the previous house and deliver the toy:
How to give the item: After you have entered the room, open the Shopping Cart (click on button), then click on the toy in the cart.
The toy will move to the center of the room. If the girl will be satisfied with your toy (yes, you have brought correct toy!), she will perform her sex show for you.
But, if you have given her the wrong toy, she will be angry, and throw away your toy (the toy returns back to its initial place in the previous house).
Only one item is allowed in the shopping cart. So, if you take a new item, and there is already some another item, the previous item returns back to its initial place.
To win the game, you must satisfy all girls in all 6 houses of the block!
Controls:: Swipe over the screen to move the character in needed direction (up-down; left-right), click to stop.
(Or Arrow-Keys and "Space" to stop.)
Click on the house to enter; Click on items to take it.
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