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Red Fur-2

Royal FireWorks-2:
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The sequel to the "Royal Fireworks" games series
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Royal FireWorks-2

white and yellow Poker-Rockets

The Poker idea - choose Poker-Rockets with the best Poker Combination.
The Fireworks sparks shine as Poker Cards. Two lanchers shoot sets of 5 rockets each. The left launcher shoots with white rockets, and the right launcher shoots with yellow rockets.
Each rocket explodes and shines as the Poker Card with its suit and value.
HOW TO PLAY: At the beginning, click on this "FIRE" button at the bottom of the page, to launch the fireworks.
Two sets of rockets explodes with Poker cards: the left set is White sparks, and the right set is Yellow sparks.
You may choose, which set (White or Yellow) has the higher combination - click on appropriate button "WHITE" or "YELLOW".
The chosen cards move to your hand at right, and another set goes to the opponent's hand at left.
If your hand really has the higher combination, you win the set and go to the next level.
If the opponent has higher combination, you go level down.
Note: When all rockets fall to the ground they disappear. But you may launch the next firework - "FIRE" button. As the poker cards deck has 52 cards, you have 5 tries. After it... the NEXT deck!
Beautiful lesbians Viola and Merry Pie always support the winner and strip to the next level with each your victory.
To win the game get to the highest 9th level.
Controls: Click on buttons: "FIRE", "WHITE", "YELLOW"
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