HTML5 game, playable on mobile
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Say thanks to Steve...
Jack Squares

get to the
Roman Thermae,
to meet beautiful girls

For best performance, we recommend to play this game in Google Chrome browser
Roman Thermae

remove marble blocks to get there

The Roman Thermae were always full of beautiful women. But it was not so easy to get there...
Because the women section was separated from the common bath with marble wall.
The wall consisted of massive marble blocks, and it was not possible to remove any block.
But it has appeared that these blocks have ancient "digital locks".
Each block has its number and is marked in Roman numerals.
Also, each block has the "digital lock" in its center - the circle with digits.
When the number on the digital lock becomes equal to the block number, this block may be removed - you may push this block, and it will disappear.
Digital locks numbers change, so find the block, wich lock digit is equal to the block Roman Number, and remove it - click on such block.
This way, you may delete all marble blocks of the wall, and get to the girls bath...
Hope, you can get to the top level (as the game has 1 level).
Controls: Click on blocks
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