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Turn your device from "Portrait" mode to "Landscape" mode.
The game will switch to the Full Screen mode.
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Sexy Redhead amusements in the RoPaS Castle
Sexy Redhead in RoPaS Castle
Maybe you have heard about redhead Ella, the craziest sex addict of the century (hope).
This time, she has come into the RoPaS castle, and have found a lot of sexual fun there. You may not believe, but if you'll enter any locked room in this castle, for sure, you'll meet there Redhead Ella in her sexual amusements.
And you may visit all her acts-shows. As I know now, you may see at least 6 her shows.
... The RoPaS castle in named after the well known game "Rock-Paper-Scissors" (RoPaS). You know the rules: Rock [or Diamond] beats the Scissors; Scissors beats the Paper; Paper beats the Rock[Diamond].
All room doors in this castle have "RoPas" locks. To unlock it you must bring there the item that "beats" the Lock-Item. E.g.: If the lock is marked with the "Rock [Diamond]", to unlock it, you must bring the "Paper" item. If the lock is "Paper", you may unlock it with "Scissors" item, etc...
So, to open some locked room, see what "item" is on its lock. Then find the item that will beat the Lock-item (as: "Scissors beats the Paper"), bring this item to the door lock. If your item "beats" the Lock-item, the door will open...
These items (Rock[Diamond], Paper and Scissors) you may find in some rooms of this castle. When you see the necessary item, take it (click on it). The item will move to your "shopping cart". Then go to needed room, and open it with your item. (Procedure: When you are in the room with the locked door: come close to the door[move forward - arrow-Up]; open your shopping cart[click on the "cart" button]; click on the item in the cart; the item will move to the lock; if your item "beats" the Lock-item, the door will open.)
You may use the Map (button, or "M" key), to find the way in the castle.
When you'll visit 3 shows on the 1st floor, you'll receive the Key to the stairway door to the 2nd floor. Use this Key, the same way, as other items: click to take; bring the key to the stairway door, take it from the shopping cart, etc...
To win the game, you must visit all 6 shows in the RoPaS castle.

Controls: Move with arrow-keys. To take some item, click on it. Use buttons (Map, Shopping Cart, Exit) when necessary.

For Mobile: Indicate the direction to move - drag your finger across the screen: turn left-right; forward(drag down) - backward(drag up).
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