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Red Hot Busty Guitar(ist):
with best Rock compositions

For best performance, we recommend to play this game in Google Chrome browser
Red Hot Busty Guitar(ist)
...for real Rock fans
Real Rock fans may recognize the best masterpieces of Rock music even by the short sample.
Here you may try yourself as a Rock expert.
You hear the part of some well known Rock composition playing, and you must guess the name of the band, performing this song.
12 best Rock bands of all ages are listed on the screen - buttons with bands names.
If you recognize the band by the playing song - click on the button with this band name.
If correct - you go to the next level. The next level - the next song will be played (click the NEXT button).
But if you have not recognized correctly the band, Oooops (but no level down!).
The game has two modes EASY and HARD. So, you may choose and switch modes (EASY/HARD buttons).
Even if the task is hard enough, but still, you may take a look at the stage and notice...
the Red Hot Busty Guitarist Mina Von D, performing her Rock show there. Each next level her show becomes hotter!
To win the game recognize 10 best Rock bands and get to the highest 10th level.
Controls: Click on the appropriate band name button
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