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Pyrmids 64

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Pyrmids 64
(Click to merge; swipe to shift)

Game is based on the idea of merging tiles to receive the higher value.
But instead of flat tiles, you have Pyramids in this game. Each pyramid has 4 sides (faces), and every side has its value (2, 4,...).
When some pyramid appears next to another pyramid, and their contacting sides have equal values, you may "merge" these sides-values. Click on one of these pyramids, and values of two contacting sides will sum (2 + 2 = 4), and the resulting value will appear on the side of the pyramid, that you have clicked. The side of another contacting pyramid will lose its value (empty). [If 2 or more sides of your pyramid are contacting with other pyramids sides with equal values, they all will "merge" values.]
You may move pyramids on the field, by swiping on the screen (with your mouse or finger) up-down, left-right. After each move the new value will be added to "empty" sides of pyramids. When all sides of pyramids will be "busy" (have values), the new pyramid will be added to the field.
You play till the whole field will be filled with pyramids - end of the game (Oops...)!
Game starts with values of 2.
To win the game, you must reach the value of 64. (Why 64 - try to reach it).
When you receive the next higher value, the strip-show raise to the next level.

Controls: Swipe on screen to move pyramids: up-down; left-right (with your finger or mouse). Click on pyramids to merge

HTML5 mobile game, also playable on desktop
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