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Poker Worm:
crawl and eat
those Golden Flush

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Poker Worm
hungry Worm wants to eat the Royal Flush

You may be surprised, but worms are also playing Poker.
At least they know, how to eat card by card the best Poker Combination, especially when cards are golden coins.
Golden cards-coins are placed randomly on the screen (each coin has its suit and value, as poker cards).
You are controlling the Worm. The Worm is moving in the direction of your pointer (mouse or finger).
Try to lead the Worm to needed card. When the Worm catches the card on its way, he eats the card.
This way, you may lead the Worm from card to card, to eat the best possible combination.
When the Worm has eaten 5 cards the machine defines the Poker Combination, and you (or the Worm) receive money to your bank according to the combination ratio.
Note!: The Worm has the limited length! When the whole length crawls out of the ground, the your attempt finishes! You may see the remaining Worm length counter at the left panel. Don't allow it to fall to 0!
To win the set, receive $100 or more in your bank. So, you pay $100 to the stripper and go to the next level.
About the stripper - yes, the busty babe Karina King is stripping in the back Ground! (as worms come from the ground, why not to strip there...)
So, try to strip her up to the 8th level, crawling as a worm and eating golden coins...
To win the game get to the highest 8th level.

Controls: Lead the Worm with your mouse or finger: move the mouse by the screen - the Worm is moving in the direction to the mouse
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