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Poker Rows-Duo
(with opponent on separated tables)

The sequel to the "Tits under Cards" series games
For best performance, we recommend to play this game in Google Chrome browser
Poker Rows-Duo
poker game by deleting extra tiles
(with opponent on separated fields)

The game is based on Poker idea - collect 5 cards with higher Poker Combination than your opponent.
Cards are arranged in 2 tables of 5x5 card-tiles, you have your table, and the opponent has his table(*).
You must arrange the highest possible combination in the "last lower row" on your table, by deleting extra tiles.
The layer with the higher combination wins.
To make the combination on your table, you have to delete all "extra" card-tiles from your table. Click on some (not needed) card-tile and it will disappear.
When some tile has dissapeared, the whole tiles column over this tile falls down for one cell. This way you may collect some combination in the bottom row. Tiles fall down, so the last 5 remaining cards will be gathered in the bottom row - it is your hand.
When you have deleted all "extra" tiles, and have collected your combination in the bottom row - you "STAND" (maybe, wait your opponent to finish his set,... and watch strip show...).
When both players have collected combinations, the machine compares your combinations and defines the winner (hope - you)...
If your win - next level. If opponent wins - oops... level down...
* Note: (for those who will say, that the opponent always has better cards): You have possibility to choose the cards table. In the beginning of the set, two cards tables are given on the screen. You may choose the table for you. - Click on one of two tables (left or right), and your chosen table will move to you, to the right side, opponents table will move to the left side. Then - play.
Note 2: Choose your cards table very carefully! (Check twice). Because your opponent is very skillful!

By the way, your sexy opponent Aimee Rox will strip with each your next level!
To win the game, get to the highest 9th level.

Controls:: Click on card-tiles to delete

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