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Drive to win poker
and strip the girl

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Make Poker Combinations by run over Cards-Chips with your car

Most of drivers love their cars so, that they want even to drive-and-eat, drive-and-dance, drive-and-fuck,... etc...
So, don't be surprised, that it is possible to drive and play poker (nothing new...) with your car.
The idea si to make some good Poker Combination by run over Cards-Chips with your car.
Card-Chips have its suit and value, as poker cards. 15 Cards-Chips are placed randomly on the field. You must run over 5 card-chips, to collect some combination. When you hit some chip with your car, it moves to your hand.
When you have 5 chips, the game defines your Poker Combination, and you receive appropriate cash to your bank, according to the combination ratio.
When the amount in your bank reaches $100 or more, you win the set and go to the next level.
As usual, a lot of sexy girls are present at all cars racing competitions. And many of them are ready to strip for excellent drivers, just for some money. So, your $100 will go to the beautiful girl Paola Hard for the next level of her strip show.
To win the game get to the highest 6th level.
Controls: Control your car with arrow-keys: (turn left; turn right; up-forward = full throttle; down = brakes)
For Mobile: Press left or right 'Arrows in Circles' to "turn left" or "turn right"; press both Arrows to move "forward"; release Arrows to "stop"
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