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to strip Her

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Collect some higher Poker Combination
The aim of the game is to collect some of higher Poker Combinations to strip the dancing girl.
The cards deck is divided into 4 parts (subdecks), placed in 4 corners of the field, face up.
You receive 5 cards in your hand. You may discard your cards and take new cards from 4 subdecks.
Click on your card, that you want to discard - this card turns face down. Then, choose and click on some card from subdecks. This card will come to your hand and replace the discarded card.
Try to collect this way some of higher Poker Combinations. To win the set, you must have the combination of Straight or higher (Straight, Flush, Full House,... etc...).
To see allowed Poker Combinations, click on "COMBS" button at left bottom. Banned combinations are "red".
When you have some acceptable combination, click on the "STAND" button. If your combination is really Straight or higher, you win the set and go to the next level.
Sexy brunette Zoe Doll will strip more with each next level!
To win the game, you must get to the highest 10th level.

Controls: Click on your card to discard, then click on some card in 4 subdecks.

HTML5 game, playable on mobile
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