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Girls Pillow Fight:
good to sit and watch
with beer,...
if nobody prevents
with his head in front row

For best performance, we recommend to play this game in Google Chrome browser
Pillow Fight
girls pillow fight is as natural, as the empty beer glass, after you have drunk it...

There are two pretty girls kissing on the bed. But, as usual, their petting may turn to fight, just wait...
The wall TV shows some girls pillow fight, so it may incite girls in the room for their own pillow fight.
But, you have your own pillow fight in this room. A lot of curious neighbors are shoving their heads to the room, to see sexy girls action. And, of course, they prevent you with their heads to watch girls show.
But you may fight for your right to watch the show! Take the pillow, aim with its sight, and hit all those fucking heads, to push them away from the room.
Of course you know, that every battle pillow has the optical sight. The fighter aims with the sight and then hits to this point.
HOW TO: Move the pillow sight with your mouse or finger, aim it on the top on the head and make a hit - click (or release the finger).
To win the game set you must "kill" 20 enemies heads - then you go to the next level, and sexy girls also raise to their next level.
You may wonder, where is the pillow fight of girls in the room. (They are just kissing deeper and deeper...)
Be patient! There will be the pillow fight, don't miss it!
When you will see the pillow fight in the room, click on the "PILLOW FIGHT" button! If you will not click on this button on the fight level, ... you may never win it! But, be careful! If you will click on this button on the level without pillow fight - oops, level down...
Pillow fighters in this room are Alissa Foxy & Kelly Collins.
To win the game pass through 10 levels to get to the top 11th level.
Controls: Move the sight with mouse or finger. Click (or release the finger) to make a hit.
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