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Say thanks to Steve...
Maybe you remember, it was popular among some drivers, to put the "Nodding dog-toy" on a dashboard of a car. People thought that such a nodding puppy calms nerves... Maybe so.
But now we have new "intellectual toys", that may calm the nervous stress more effectively.
This is a "Nodding Blonde" - the small realistic copy of a girl with artificial intellect, that may be placed on a car dashboard, and make your driving not so boring.
She may answer your questions, help to orientate in the city, tell some interesting story, to entertain the driver during the long journey, etc... But, as all girls, most of all she likes to ask stupid questions... (the intellect is very realistic!)
... So, your friends have presented to you such a cute Nodding Blonde. You have placed her on a dashboard of your car and start your car-trip by the city...
For best performance, we recommend to play this game in Google Chrome browser
Nodding Blonde

So, you are driving your car by the streets of your city. And the pretty Nodding Blonde-toy is placed on the car dashboard.
She loves to speak about herself, and to ask questions. Usually she asks to show some places on the streets: buildings, shops, restaurants, etc...
If you want to satisfy her... curiosity, you must show these places on the streets - click on the building or shop, when you see the appropriate label or advertisment banner, etc...
And when you have "answered" this way her 3 questions, she may reward you, and take off some of her clothes to the next "strip-level".
Wish you a safe trip!

Controls: Click on objects on the street

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