HTML5 desktop game, also playable on mobile
For iPhone users - to get the FULL SCREEN mode:
Turn your device from "Portrait" mode to "Landscape" mode.
The game will switch to the Full Screen mode.
Say thanks to Steve...
Moving Billiard-3 is the HTML5 remake of well known Moving Billiard Flash games series

Moving Billiard-3:
play billiard
on the moving table

For best performance, we recommend to play this game in Google Chrome browser
Moving Billiard-3:
the pool table is an endless conveyor belt

The billiard table is in continuous motion (as conveyor belt) from the top to the bottom of the screen.
Billiard balls move with the belt-table.
As some ball reaches the bottom of the screen, the new ball appears at the top. So the balls quantity on the table-belt is unlimited.
Pockets are stationary at sides of the table.
The aim of the game is to score "needed" number of balls to pockets in given set time 2 min.
On the 1st level the "needed" number if 5 balls, but with each next level this number increases. So, at the higher level you have to score 14 balls in 2 minutes to win the set.
But, when you have scored the "needed" balls number, the set finishes, and you go to the next level.
If you have not scored needed number of balls during the set time 2 minunets, you go level down. (Hope, it will never happen!...)
To win the game get to the highest 9th level.
The beautiful busty pole dancer Paola Hard will strip for you with each your next level.

Controls: Drag the sight by the screen (with mouse, or finger), and release, to hit the ball.

(See the "Aiming Video-Tutorial" - how to use the sight in our Billiard games)

For Mobile: Touch the screen with two fingers - the sight will be just between your two touch points. Drag the sight with two fingers to aim. Release fingers to shoot.
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