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Make 'em Tricky:
make Tricks with
cards on the field

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Make 'em Tricky
Find the card to cover - Make the Trick

Cards-Tricks game rules: The Higher card covers the Lower card of the same suit.
And this pair of cards creates the Trick. The value of the Trick is the sum of cards values (covering and covered).
The Trick's value is added to the players score (Tricks Sum).
The player, who has the higher score (over 100) wins the game set.
52 cards-chips with suits and values are placed on the screen in "chess-order" (by diagonals).
Each card (most of cards) has 4 neighbours cards at corners. The player may move any card on the screen to cover next card, if it is the lower card of the same suit.
You play with the opponent turn-by-turn. And you have the right of the 1st turn!
Find some pair of cards of the same suit, placed one-next-to-another. Push the higher card (swipe over the card in the direction to the lower card). The card will move and cover the lower card (if it is of the same suit!).
This way you take the Trick, and its value increases your score.
The next turn is Opponent's. The Opponent covers some card and takes his Trick - increasing his score.
When some score exceeds 100, the Player, who has the higher score wins the set.
If there are no more cards to cover on the screen, the player who has the higher score (even below 100) wins the set.
If you win, you go to the next level. If you lose - level down.
You may notice the beautiful girl under cards on the screen - don't be surprised. It is Athena Fleurs. She supports you, and strips to the next level with each your set victory.
To win the game get to the highest 8th level.
Note: As you have the right of the 1st turn - you have the privilege, to receive the score of 100 faster than your opponent! (Easy to win!)
Controls: Swipe over the card-chip (with mouse or finger) in needed diagonal direction
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