HTML5 game, playable on mobile
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Unlock their fuckin locks!
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Lock'n'Girls have locked in their rooms, and pretend, that they don't want to see anybody...
But,... they are girls! And they are hungry for sex anytime!... And you are here!
So, try to find all 4 girls, hiding in their rooms in this house. And find out how to unlock their fucking locks.
This antique house has proper antiquarian door locks. Maybe it is the most ancient code locks in the history (not sure).
The lock has the box with 9 cells (3x3). 8 tiles with numbers from 1 to 8 are present in the box, and one cell is empty.
To unlock it, you must assemble the 3-digit code in the medium horizontal row. Shift tiles to the empty cell (as with 15 puzzle), and try to place 3 digits of the code in the 3 cells of middle row.
When the correct code is assembled, the lock opens and you may enter the door.
    But be careful! Hungry girls may assault on you, and ... even eat you (in some sense).
... If you'll have some kind of sex with some of Lock'n'Girls, it will be your prize!
But, as usual, after the first luck, you may want to increase the reward!
Of course, you may visit any girl second time. But don't be surprised, that Lock'n'Girls will change the code on the door lock...
How to find lock codes: Girl also may forget these codes, that's why usually girl attaches some note to her lock, that may remind the code.
These notes may indicate some item, that you may find in the house rooms. You may take the item and find code there (or some hint...).
       To win the game, you must satisfy all 4 girls 2 times (2 visits). Good luck!
How to Play:

How to Play:
Walk through the house rooms - control with arrow-keys, or swipe on mobile.
Find locked doors in some rooms and unlock their code locks, to visit each girl.
To navigate in the house rooms, you may use the Map - click on the "MAP" button.
To unlock the door lock: come close to the door, click on the door to see the lock in big size (increased). Shift tiles with numbers (swipe over the tile) to assemble the 3-digit code in the middle row of the lock. The tile may be shifted only to the empty cell.
Each door lock usually has some prompt note (girl has attached to remind herself). This note may indicate some item in the house, that may give a cue to the correct code. Look for appropriate items in the house.
To take the item - click on it. The item will appear in big size in the center of the screen, and you may find the code.
To take the item to the cart - click on the item (when it is big in the center) - item will move to your "shopping cart". If you don't want to take the item, make any move (left-right, etc...) - the item will return to its initial place.
To take the item from the cart - click on the "Cart" button (at the bottom), to see the item, then click on the item.
Only 1 item is allowed in the cart. If you want to take another item - click on "Clear" button, the previous item will return to its initial place in the house.
Use "Exit" button, to exit from lock coding procedure, from girl room, etc...
Each girl has 2 levels of satisfaction (2 visits).
To win the game, you must reach the 2nd levels with all 4 girls.

Controls: Move with arrow-keys. To take items, click on it. Use buttons (Map, Cart) when necessary.
For Mobile: Indicate the direction to move - swipe with your finger by the screen: turn left-right; forward(drag down) - backward(drag up).
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