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Las Vegas Truck Strip - adult game from StripSelector.com
New service from Las Vegas: you may play in casino and watch the strip show without exiting from your car
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Las Vegas Truck Strip
"...don't be surprised to win in casino in Las Vegas, and don't be surprised to spend all money for striptease after it..."

But Las Vegas comes closer to you now. You even don't need to go to casino, you may play poker-game even in your car. And strip clubs also have become closer - girl strips for you just in the truck, that moves in front of your car.
The Situation: You have arrived in Las Vegas on your car. The truck with opened lorry body has appeared just in front of you. And the beautiful girl is dancing on it, proposing to strip for you, if you agree to pay.
You planned to win some money in the casino... So you dont want to spend your cash. But, it has happened, that now you may play poker in Las Vegas even without visiting the casino. Your smartphone has already connected to the local casino net, and now you are playing poker while driving your car. And you may be sure, when you win enough money, your payment will automatically go to this girl's account! And she will strip for you with pleasure.
The Game: It is the simple poker-based game. You see cards falling from the deck (52 cards) left and right on your screen. Cards are face down, but you may click on any card and see its face. The card remains opened during 1 second. If you want to take this card to your hand, click again on it, while it is face up. Choose this way 5 cards, to collect some good poker combination.
(You may find description of Poker Combinations here.)
When you have some combination at your hand, you receive money to your "bank" according to the combination rank (see combinations $ values on the screen). But, if you have not any combination (lower than "Two of a Kind"), you lose $10.
The stripper girl, will strip for you if you will pay $100 to her. So, when you receive enough money, she will take $100 from you and will undress to the next strip-level.
Try to strip her to the maximum 7th level. And the beautiful blonde Angel Sway will strip in front of you on her opened truck.
- Cards are falling down from the deck.
- Choose 5 cards - click on chosen cards to see it's face. Click again, while the face is visible, if you want to take this card to your hand.
- Your chosen cards move to the bottom corner (your hand). When you have 5 cards, the machine defines the Poker Combination of your cards.
- If you have some good combination, you receive money to your bank, according to the combination ratio.
- When you receive $100 or more, you pay $100 to the girl, and she strips for you to the next level.
- To win the game, you must get to the highest 7th level.

Controls: Click on chosen cards to turn it face up; click again, if you want to take it.

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