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Roll the Dice to strip King's daughters

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Six Daughters of the King
Roll the Dice to visit all King's daughters

The King has 6 beautiful daughters. They live in the King's castle. Their rooms are on the same floor, and they are connected by the long corridor.
So, you may walk by this corridor and visit all King's daughters one-by-one.
And, as any princess, all of King's daughters are always lucky to strip for any stranger... You may check it.
How to play: Your character - is a blue chip, marked with "Y" (YOU).
To move by the corridor, you must roll the dice, and then stop both cubes and receive your score (sum of 2 cubes).
According to your score, you move corresponding steps by the corridor: one step - one cell. (Score = 5; you move 5 cells forward).
To get to some daughter's room, you must stop on her cell. So, count, how many steps you must move forward, and stop cubes to receive the necessary score.
You may stop each cube separately. Click on the top cube to stop the top cube, and click on the bottom cube to stop the bottom cube.
Cubes stops in the current position, it's side that was closer to the top position appears on the top.
When both cubes are stopped, you receive your score, and move correspondent steps forward.
To make the next move, roll the dice again - click on cubes to start rotation.
When you get to some girl's room, the happy princess strips for you with pleasure. Each next time when you will visit her room, she will strips more, till the highest 3rd strip level.
To win the game, undress all 6 King's daughters to the highest 3rd level.

Controls: Click on cubes.

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