HTML5 game, playable on mobile
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JackPoker -
Play as Poker,
but win as BlackJack
For best performance, we recommend to play this game in Google Chrome browser
Unique combination of Poker and Black Jack.
Find some Poker combination, but with cards values sum, equal to 21 "Black Jack".

You see 21 cards opened on the screen. Choose 5 cards, that will arrange some Poker Combination, not less than "Two Pairs" (lower combinations are not accepted in this game!).
If the "Black Jack Sum" (BJ Sum) of these 5 cards are equal to 21, you win the set and go level up.
If the you have "lower Poker Combination", or the BJ Sum is lower than 21, you stay at current level, and may play next set.
If the BJ Sum is higher than 21 (BUST), you lose the set and go level down.
Black Jack (BJ) Sum of your cards is calculated according to Black Jack cards values:
2, 3, 4,...10 - values are equal to cards ranks. J,Q,K have values of 10, A (Ace) value is always 1(one) in this game!
- Click on the "DEAL" button to start the set. 21 cards from the deck will open on the screen.
- Choose 5 cards - click on chosen cards.
- Your chosen cards move to the right side (your hand), then the machine defines the Poker Combination of your cards.
- If your combination is equal or higher than "Two Pairs" - accepted.
- Then the machine calculates the Black Jack (BJ) Sum of your cards (according to Black Jack cards values!).
- If your BJ Sum is equal to 21, you win the set and go level up.
- To win the game, you must get to the 10th level.

Of course the strip show becomes more exciting with each next level!

Controls: Click on cards

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