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Jack Field-2:
find Black Jack in the field
faster than your opponent

The sequel to the "Jack Field" series games
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Jack Field-2
find Black Jack on the field faster than you opponent

The game idea is to collect cards with the Black Jack sum = 21, faster than your opponent.
Cards are placed on the square field 5x5 cells.
Black Jack cards values are: 2=2, 3=3,... 10=10, J=10, Q=10, K=10, A=1 or 11.
Your character (the yellow circle) is initially under the field. The Opponent character is the dark red circle initially placed over the top of the field.
You may move your character by the field from cell to cell step by step left-right, up-down - indicate the direction - swipe over the screen left-right, up-down.
When your character appears over some card, it takes this card - the card moves down to your hand.
You play turn-by-turn with the opponent: first turn is your (you make one move), than the opponent's turn (his move), then your next turn (your move), etc...
Opponent also covers cards and tries to receive the Black Jack sum = 21.
The player, who first receives the Black Jack (21) wins the set.
Note: As, your turn is first, the opponent may finish his turn, then results are compared. If both players have equal results (e.g. both receive 21) - the PUSH situation, play the next round.
If you first receive the Black Jack sum 21, you win the set and go to the next level, and busty girl Paola Hard strips to the next level.
If your score exceeds 21 - BUST, or the opponent have received the Black Jack first - you lose the set and go level down.
To win the game, get to the highest 9th level.

Controls:: Swipe over the screen left-right, up-down, to indicate the direction to move.

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