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More than perfect
at hotel reception

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Hotel Service:

Just choose the best options of hotel facilities

You have come to the ritzy hotel, and the first thing to do is the reception interview.
The pleasing staff proposes you to choose the most comfortable arrangements for your preferences.
You may choose the floor number, the room number, etc... even the personal beer mug in the bar...
And to make it more easy for you, they propose you to make your choice in a kind of a game, as roll the dice.
Two "ball-cubes" are rolling on the table, and you may stop both cubes at the needed number and receive cubes values sum.
For example, in the beginning you must choose your room number.
The room number consist of the the Floor number and the Room-on-the-Floor, e.g. the Room 412 means 4th Floor and 12th Room. The same for table number in the restaurant (Dinner Hall number and Table number), etc...
So you make your choice in 2 Stages:
At the 1st Stage you define the Floor number, and at the 2nd Stage - the Room-on-the-Floor.
So, 1st Stage: stop both cubes, to define the Floor number - the sum of two stopped cubes values - is the Floor number (e.g. 5).
2nd Stage: stop both cubes to receive the Room-on-the-Floor number (e.g. 10).
After 2 Stages you have Floor and Room, so your room number is their combination (e.g. Floor 5 and Room 10 makes room 510).
You see the list of available free rooms numbers at the left side of the screen, so make your choice (stop cubes) to make the number from this list. Otherwise the reception manager will propose you to make next try...
So, better choose the acceptable room number from the list, and then try to stop cubes to make their sum, to fit your chosen number... easy as it may be...
After you have made correct choice of your room, you go to the next level, and you will be proposed to choose the table in the restaurant, etc...
And the beautiful room service girl Verena is already waiting for you, to show your room.
And with each your next choice her awaiting becomes more and more emotional...
To win the game make all necessary choices and get to the highest 10th level.

Controls: Click on the cube to stop it on needed number
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