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Hot Flush:
to make it hotter

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always have a chance to make higher combination

The Hot Flush game is based on the Poker idea - make higher Poker Combination than your opponent(s).
There are 4 cards hands (of 5 cards) on the screen: your hand is at right side, and other hands belong to opponent(s).
You (and only you!) have possibility to discard your cards. You may take needed card from opponents hands.
In the beginning of the set cards come to each hand face up. So, you may notice where are some good cards to make your combination higher.
Also, cards are randomly changing in opponents' hands (new cards come from the deck), and you may see new cards face up while changing.
To discard some your card - click on your card "chosen to discard", this card becomes "charged" with red border.
Then chose the needed card in any of 3 opponents hands and click on this card. This card will come to your hand and replace your discarded card.
You may discard any card in your hand only once. Your "new replaced" card receives the blue border.
Try to collect the best possible combination in your hand. When you think that your combination is OK, click on the "STAND" button. The set will finish, and the machine will define the winner.
Note: The set finishes also, when you have discarded all your 5 cards. Also, the set finishes, on the "End of Deck".
If your combination is the highest (higher than all 3 opponents hands), you win the set and go to the next level.
But if any of 3 opponents hands has higher combination, you lose and go level down.
Your "3-handed" opponent is sexy blonde Aimee Rox, and she knows how to reward you, stripping with each your next level.
To win the game undress your opponent to the highest 10th level.
Controls: Click on chosen cards
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