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Poker Duel-2

Highway Flush:
take a girl for a drive on the hood

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Highway Flush

Its a nice idea to put some beautiful girl on a hood to make the long road not so boring

You have arrived into Nevada. The road is empty and straight, and makes you feel sleepy... And nothing to amuse you.
But, coming closer to Las Vegas, you get to the range of the local gambling network.
Just for such bored drivers, the special road signs are installed along the road, to entertain you on your way. These signs are as poker cards. When you passing these cards-signs, you may take some cards to your hand, and collect some Poker Combination.
Of course, according to your Poker Combination you win some money.
You may ask, for what you need it?...
Because the Las Vegas mobile service already has solved your boring problem. And somehow, the beautiful girl has appeared on your car hood. Maybe she has jumped on at the gas station, ... or while you was partially asleep,...
But now you have realy entertaining travel!
So, you may take cards from the road signs, collect some good Poker Combination, earn some money, and pay for the girl strip!
Some details: Road signs cards are duplicated (displayed) on your windshield. So, you just may click on passing card-sign, and collect 5 cards.
The wise machine estimates your Poker Combination, and you receive the reward according to the combination ratio.
When you have $100 at your Bank, you pay (automatically) to the girl on your hood, and the beauty Verena Maxima strips to the next level.
To win the game strip her to the highest 8th level.
Controls: Click on passing by card-signs
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