HTML5 game, playable on mobile
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Hammer in Love:
the nail receives orgasm,
when he penetrates the wooden board,
and thanks the hammer for it

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Hammer in Love
...from the story of 15 nails...

Story: Master carpenters tell the story, that there is a bad sign to leave not nailed 15 nails... it often causes some problems, and spoils the whole work
So, the idea of a game - not to leave not nailed 15 nails!
Game: You are a carpenter making the interior construction, and your main task is to nail those f*king nails in wooden walls...
But nails, as always, appears suddenly in non-predictable places. And, seems, they have an idea to make problems to you, and arrange 15 nails stick out of walls.
Some nails even may stick out after they were nailed for sure...
Your tool, of course, is a hammer. When you see a nail sticking out of the wall, hit it with your hammer (click on the nail head).
To win the set, you must nail down all nails (maybe 40) into wooden walls (and even floor and ceiling), and not allow sticking out 15 nails or more.
By the way, you may see the very professional carpenter nailing her nails just in the next room to you. It is Sharon White - she knows how to use a hammer in love!
If the quantity of not nailed nails will be 15 or more - you lose the set and go level down. So be hurry in your hammering delight.
To win the game, get to the highest 10th level.

Controls: Click on nails heads.

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