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Halloween Witches -
Halloween Bitches

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Halloween Witches
(somebody says Halloween "Bitches"...)
Beautiful sexy girls are more often at Halloween party than crazy pumpkins.
But also, these sexy bitches may cause some problems to solve, before the party has started.
At this dark block all babes were ready for the Halloween, but each of them wanted to change something in her garden or interior...
When you come to some house, its sexy hostess meets you with her demand, that she needs some special Halloween attribute in her garden. Also some spare (not needed) item may be present in her garden.
Your idea is to find her needed attribute somewhere in the block, and bring it to this girl.
So, you may walk by the block, enter other homesites and look for demanded attribute.
When you see the neede item, you may take it (usually it is in the front row) from this house and bring it to the girl, who demanded it.
This way, you may satisfy all girls of this block. And these Halloween Bitches know, how to reward you!
Of course you also are dressed in the appropriate Halloween costume - the Devil Mask. So your character is the "Baldhead in the Devils Mask"
How to Play: Move by the streets with arrow-keys (or swipe over the surface, to move your character left-right; up-down by the streets).
To enter some homesite, come close to the border, face to the house (move up - at 2 upper rows; and move down - at the bottom row). Then click on the homesite to enter it.
Inside the homesite: House hostess girl usually informs you, what attribute she needs (some typical Halloween items: skeletons, zombies, ghosts, etc...).
Also, you may see some other items in her garden - it may be the item, some other neighbor is looking for.
So, you may take the item from one homesite, and bring it to another neighbor. This way, find items and bring them to another house, to satisfy all Halloween Bitches.
If the girl is really happy to receive her needed item, she may reward you with her sexy show.
"EXIT" button to exit from the homesite.
How to take the item: Click on the item that you see in the garden(in front row!). The item moves to your "shopping cart". Only 1 item in shopping cart is allowed! To "open" the shopping cart (to see the item), click on the "Shopping cart" button on the bottom of the left panel.
How to give the item to the girl: Open the shopping cart (click on it), and click on the item in the cart. The item will move to the girl. If it is correct item, the girl was looking for, she accepts this item, and rewards you some way...
If the item does not fit this girl, it returns to its previous place (its initial homesite).
To win the game, you must satisfy all 9 girls of the block at the Halloween night!
Controls:: Swipe over the screen to move the character in needed direction (up-down; left-right), click to stop.
(Or Arrow-Keys and "Space" to stop.)
Click on the homesite to enter; Click on items to take it.
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