HTML5 game, playable on mobile
For iPhone users -
Turn your device from "Portrait" mode to "Landscape" mode.
The game will switch to the Full Screen mode.
Say thanks to Steve...
You are a visitor of a strip club.
Beautiful girls may strip
for you for free...
if you can recognize the girl
and guess her name...
You may make more fun
with this game,
if you'll upload
your own photo
to the game.

To upload the photo
click on the button below
(see instructions)
If you have your photo in the WEB,
you may paste it's URL in the field below.
For "best results" choose the photo of your face only
(without extra space. See the sample).
Recommended Dimensions ratio 3:4.
Image format: .jpg or .png
Take the URL address of the image (.jpg or .png), [not the page (.html ...)]

Copy the whole URL address of the image and paste it in the field below (click SUBMIT button).
(the URL must include http://..., https://...)
See the sample of correct URL:

NOTE: The image, you upload, will be used only localy in the current game, in your browser.
The image can not be used anywhere else, it can not be saved on your computer, it can not be stored at the server, it can not be sent or used anywhere in the WEB.
After you switch OFF the game, the uploaded image will not exist.
For best performance, we recommend to play this game in Google Chrome browser
Guess Pole
Recognize girls in Strip Club

You have visited our Strip Club with our most beautiful girls.
Seems, you already were here before... And you have already seen our girls, and even know them by names...
But, as people say, man never keeps in memory girls names...
Thats why our girls decided to check your memory. They agree to strip for you free of charge, if you can "recall a name of a body" of the girl.
So, when you see the girl dancing on a pole, guess her name.
If you guess right, she will perform explicit strip show personally for you.
To win the game you must guess names of all 10 girls.

To make the game "more personalized" for you, you may upload your own photo from the WEB. See "Upload instructions" - click on "Upload Photo" button.

- In the "Introduction" you may look through all our girls. Try to remember their names.
- On the next step you will see the girl stripping and dancing on the pole. If you remember her name, click on the button with her name.
- If you guess right, she will strip for you to the top limit.
- But, if you have not guessed her name, the girl will go away (not satisfied), and the next girl will appear on the pole.
- If you need some help, you may click on "Back to Intro" button, and return to the "Introduction".
- Good luck!

Controls: Click on gilrs names buttons.

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