HTML5 desktop game, also playable on mobile
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Golf Girls:
golf fields and sexy girls

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Golf Girls:
a good surprise to meet a beautiful girl on a golf field, ready for strip

The game is based on a golf idea (to push ball to the hole), but, of course it is not a classic golf game.
The golf main field has 2 parts lower and upper. You start playing on the lower part, and when your ball gets out of the top, the field switches to the top part.
Of course there are some encumbrances on the field, such as beer barrels, wood fences, bushes and lake...
So, you must be ready, that your ball will bounce back from the barrel as from the cylinder, bounce back from the fence and bushes as from the flat wall, and may sink in the lake...
If the ball gets to lake and have sank there, you have next try...
Golf club: you use an upgraded pulsing driver - it has the pulsing ring. When the ring touches the ball, it hits it with adjusted speed.
How to hit the ball: when the pulsing driver touches the ball, it makes a shot. You have only to touch the ball in needed direction, on touch the driver will make a shot (the driver follows your mouse, you don't need to click, just move the driver to the ball, to touch it).
The Game Idea!: There are 6 side fields in this club. And for sure, there you may find some girls, ready to strip for you...
The main field (upper and lower) has 6 outlets to neighboring fields. Find these outlets and lead your ball to the outlet, to get to the next field.
At the side (girl's) field, you will see the girl. To strip her, you must hit to her hole (golf hole). The ball will be at the opposite side to the hole. You have 3 attempts, to put at least 1 ball to the hole.
If you have put the ball to the hole, the girl strips to the next level. (You may watch her strip show, and then, you may play next [NEXT button]).
All girls have 3 strip levels. To win the game, you have to strip all 6 girls to the top 3rd level.

Controls: Move the pulsing driver to touch the ball, the driver follows your mouse.

For Mobile: Touch the screen with two fingers - the driver will be just between your two touch points. Drag the driver with two fingers to touch the ball.
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