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Flush or Better

Flush or Better:
anyway she'll strip...

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Flush or Better

make your Combination on Poker Chips

The game is based on Poker idea - collect some good Poker Combination.
20 Transparent chips, marked as Poker cards with its suit and value, are randomly placed on the table with 40 cells.
Your task is to find the some good Poker Combination of chips, and move these chips to your "hand" - the right vertical column of 5 cells.
You may shift any chip left-right, up-down to the next cell (swipe over chips).
When you have 5 chips in the right column (your hand) you may click on the "STAND" button - the set finishes, and you receive money to your bank according to your Poker Combination rank.
To win the set, you must receive $100 or higher to your bank.
When you have $100, you pay this amount to the stripper and you move to the next level.
The beautiful club dancer Bogdana strips more with each your next level.
To win the game get to the top 10th level.
Controls: Swipe over chips left-right, up-down.
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